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Our Company

Intelligent Agriculture| Precision Agriculture| Consultants | Software and Servcices for Agriculture

ZenAgroPc was founded in 2018 with main objectives the digital transformation, the adaptation to precision agriculture and the provision of advisory services to agricultural holdings.

The company has developed software for precision irrigation, providing specific advices for irrigation for the all kind of crops (trees, vegetables, row crops, etc). The information is specialized for each parcel and is communicated via SMS and e-mail to the producer or directly to automatic electro valves with water-meter.

The development of software has been based on research results and methodologies proposed by FAO. Precision irrigation is already applied successfully in 6 cooperatives growing olives under conventional and biological pattern. With high reputation scientific partners from agricultural research, mechanical engineers scientists of Information technology and Communication.


Precision Agriculture

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Precision input management, spatially and temporally, in the field based on crop requirements.

Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition


Surveys to increase soil fertility, reduce desertification risk, optimize plant nutrition and carbon recycle.

Precision Irrigation

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Network design, Irrigation scheduling, Low quality water utilization, Precision irrigation.

Production of high nutritional value products

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Know-how to produce high nutritional value products with health claims or functional foods.

ICT in integrated pest management

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Integrated pest management using Information and communication technology. The case of olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae, Dacus oleae).

Utilization of waste in Agriculture


Surveys on the use of liquid or solid, agricultural or municipal treated wastes in agriculture. Improve soil structure, recycle carbon and nutrients.

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