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Today there are various technologies to follow-up and record the olive fly population and the proper implementation of bait sprays.

The available technologies to follow-up the olive fly population aim to get reliable data records from the responsible personnel, to give immediate information for anyone interested for the data of olive fly population, to use automatic traps that transmit in certain time intervals the data regarding the population of the collected insects and measurement of the olive flies that entered in the traps. In other words the objective is to provide reliable data from a network of traps with right arrangement within the olive groves to anyone interested for the development of olive fly population in time and space.

Follow-up technologies for bait spray applications include the use of simple portable GPS mounted on the tractor for recording its course in time and space or the use of smart mobile telephones with GPS, which record and transmit the data of the course of tractors in real time.

There are also technologies incorporating in each tractor a completely automatic system for controlling the bait sprays, either for the quantity of the spraying liquid per olive tree (point of spraying) and the precise place of tractor in each point of spraying.

The control of proper application of bait sprays is done automatically with GIS models, focusing in non-sprayed or double-sprayed or non-properly areas. With this information the responsible authority can act immediately to correct the wrong application.

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